10 Rules for Successful Selling on eBay

10 Rules for Successful Selling on eBay

EBay provides the largest e-commerce platform to the people across the globe. While sitting at home, one can sell his products and start business or may buy desired products far a click.  For a beginner, to be create a Business Account and successful seller on eBay, needs to focus on many things, but here we are sharing 10 rules to become a successful seller, which are:

Rule No.1. Make a list of fast selling items on eBay. Fast selling of listing item must be of low price items, high in demand, easy access to supply chain and sell it at competitive market price. Hence, the right selection of the listing item is necessary. 

Rule No.2. Daily update list item accordingly as image, description. Check stock items and remove the finished item from stock but never delete more than listed items. You must be active and your response on queries and disputes matters must be on time without delay.  For more you can click  soap 2 day

Rule No.3. Use as much as possible Search Engine Optimized friendly keywords for list title and item features and specifications add relevant information only .

Rule No.4. Shipping of the product is key to build trust between seller and buyer. Therefore, offer best, fastest and less expensive shipping. Shipping of the product must be decided after reading shipping policies. 

Rule No.5. In order to attract the customer you must have to offer something extra than other sellers which make you unique and build customer trust on the product. For instance the return policy of your item should be 15 days if others are offering 7 days and highlight it in description. Such a high return policy offer makes you better than your competitors. 

Rule No.6. Use Promoted listings – Create a promoted listing campaign for every new item you list for the first 7 days – Never use round numbers for the % you pay eBay. – Create long term campaigns for the best performing items.

Rule No.7. Customers look for discounts, therefore, offer bulk discount or promotions code – Always try to encourage your buyers to buy more. Offers usually help you increase your conversion rate – Some items have bulk demand. Therefore, you must offer discounts and give ways often. 

Rule No.8. Manage your stock and listing items smartly. Increase the quantity or re-fill the item that is selling on a daily or weekly basis. So you can easily predict which items can sell in bulk and match the stock. Decrease quantity to one on items that usually sell only one to let the buyers feel this is the last product that is left

Rule No.9. List items during rush hours – Analyze what is the best-selling time during the day. Try to adjust your eBay listings time accordingly daily and It is still fine to list items on other times if you can’t make in on the rush hoursRule No.10. Scale your winning products – Locate your best selling items and you may find similar items with different color, feature, brand, or shape give maximum variety of the item to the customer. List your signature items.

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