5 Essential Items Every House Needs

Whether you are moving houses or are renovating your current living space, setting up your new home is going to be quite tedious. It is sure to have its share of thrills and a corresponding share of challenges too. That said, every modern household requires certain appliances that have become indispensable. We look at five such essential items that every modern household should have in order to make our lives easier.


Today, you can find a wide range of fridges, from single door and side by side models to French door models, counter width refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators and smart refrigerators.  There is a huge range of pricing categories when it comes to refrigerators. Prices start a little over Rs. 10,000 and go up to nearly Rs. 2 lakh. Consider the height of people using the refrigerator and the items that are most frequently used, the dimensions of the refrigerator and its energy rating in order to make the right choice. 


You need to make a decision regarding whether you are going to use your microwave only for reheating, or whether you’re going to use it to whip up your favourite dishes. Today, most of us prefer to cook meals ourselves, given the fact that we have become more health-conscious and spend a considerable amount of time indoors.

Consider the dimensions of the microwave, the range of quick menus available (and the cuisines covered), as well as the grilling and baking features if these are relevant to you. You might also want to consider energy efficiency levels considering how frequently a microwave is utilised. If you have curious young children, you might want to zero in on a model that comes with a child lock. 

Washing machine

From the pocket-friendly semi-automatic models to the far more convenient fully automatic machines, you need to think your washing machine purchase through. You also have to consider whether you want to purchase a top-load washing machine or a front-load model. Most people might be looking for the best washing machine under 20000 INR or the best washing machine brand. However, these are what you must remember.

  • Consider the back and neck situation of the person doing the washing 
  • Consider the presence of toddlers and the necessity for a child lock feature
  • Choose your wash capacity based on the number of users and volume of laundry 
  • Preferably go for a more energy-efficient model

Air conditioner 

In most Indian cities during most parts of the year, including the monsoons, an air-conditioner is a must-have. Of all the appliances on this list, energy efficiency is most important in the case of ACs because of the fact that they are energy-guzzlers. Anyone will tell you about how their monthly electricity bill tripled when they invested in an air conditioner.

Consider the dimensions of the area to be cooled before choosing the AC’s tonnage. Be precise with your selection because too high a tonnage could make your room feel moist and uncomfortable, whereas too low a tonnage could result in the room never cooling sufficiently. Here is a table for reference.

  • 100 sq. ft. room – 1 Ton AC
  • 101 – 180 sq. ft. room – 1.5 Ton AC
  • 180 – 240 sq. ft. room – 2 Ton AC


A new home is an excellent reason to upgrade to a more modern television set. Today, you have smartphone brands like Mi that have forayed into the television segment and have made TV sets more affordable. When you are selecting a TV, it is important to consider the dimensions that your room can support. Avoid getting carried away by an amazing deal and walking away with a TV that does not fit. That said, today’s large screen televisions deliver a truly cinematic experience right in your own home.

Even the basic 32-inch TV and medium to medium-large screen models deliver amazing resolution, bezel-less displays and other astounding features at incredible rates. High Definition viewing and 4K resolution are a given in television models of medium size and upwards. Pay attention to the features and take your pick! 

Across all of these purchases, it is important to underscore how long term savings should be given preference over upfront savings. Given the product life of these items, you could really save a sizable chunk of cash by way of electricity bills when you choose energy-efficient home appliances. Get a 5-star rated best washing machine under 20,000 INR from the best washing machine brands without batting an eyelid. Just shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Exclusive offers and discounts make your purchase more affordable and you can even pay on No Cost EMIs by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.

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