8 Benefits of Buying a Samsung 4G Tablet

8 Benefits of Buying a Samsung 4G Tablet

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most innovative brands in the world. Of late, Samsung tablets have been all the rage in the Indian market. These cool, sleek devices bring together the best laptops and smartphones in a unique and user-friendly form. A Samsung tablet 4G, for example, will even let you make and receive voice calls and download stuff on the move. However, remember that 4G-enabled tablets come at a higher Samsung tablet price than plain Wi-Fi models.

If you are looking for a Samsung tablet 4G, we will help you choose the right one at the best possible Samsung tablet price. But first, you need to know all the great benefits of buying a Samsung tablet.

Here are the top 8 benefits of buying a Samsung 4G tablet in 2022:

1. They’re extremely portable

A Samsung tablet 4G is smaller and lighter than a laptop, making it easier to handle and carry. This tablet is ideal for students and professionals who move around a lot. Carrying a tablet is just like carrying a book, although you get almost as much storage as 

with any regular laptop.

2. They’re always connected

Thanks to its built-in SIM card slot, a Samsung tablet 4G allows you to access a cellular data connection which means you can get data connectivity without depending on a Wi-Fi signal. It is a handy feature when you travel, but you should remember that it will add to your expenses in terms of the Best Samsung tablet price and data charges. 

3. They come with digital pens 

A digital pen is a cool feature, albeit it may add to your Samsung tablet price. The touchscreen is at the heart of a tablet, and some Samsung tablet 4G models come with a pen or a stylus for increased convenience. It is a useful tool for taking notes and quickly accessing applications and documents. You can also use the pen or stylus to annotate projects or doodle ideas and artwork.

4. They offer desktop features 

Tablets can provide a classic computing experience simply by adding a keyboard and a mouse which is an amazing feature adding to the versatility of a Samsung tablet 4G. That is why the tablets are so preferred by the young and old alike. It’s like getting two devices at the cost of just the Samsung tablet price! 

5. Incorporation of DeX

When you use your Samsung tablet 4G, you don’t have to give up entirely on a desktop experience. Samsung DeX enables you to utilise your tablet as a regular PC, complete with multiple windows, drag-and-drop capabilities, and other features. Moreover, working with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications is also easier than ever with DeX on board.

6. Get a long-lasting battery

To keep up with your everyday hustle, you need your Samsung tablet 4G battery to last longer. A Samsung tablet offers you over 13 hours of battery life on a single charge. Even if you watch content all day on a Super AMOLED display with HDR10+, you don’t have to worry about charging your Samsung tablet. This feature alone is worth the Samsung tablet price you pay. 

7. Multi-active Windows 

A Samsung tablet 4G allows you to multitask. You can draft an email, work on a document, and listen to music simultaneously. Thanks to the handy Multi-Active Window functionality, you can even pin three applications side by side. The multitasking interface in a Samsung tablet rivals the experience you will have on a laptop, a superb feature in this Samsung tablet price range.

8. Extra privacy with fingerprint unlock

Privacy is a big concern, and you should always ensure that your digital assets are safe. Most Samsung tablets come with a fingerprint scanner for easy biometric authentication and advanced security. Samsung Knox — a defence-grade security platform that interacts seamlessly with major mobile device management (MDM) solutions — also protects the integrity of your Samsung tablet 4G.

Summary: Tablets introduce a different world of features to those who want productivity outside the workspace. Samsung has been fine-tuning its line of tablets for some time now. The latest Samsung tablet 4G models come with vibrant displays,  faster processing speeds, more storage space and high-capacity RAM. If you are undecided about buying a Samsung tablet, these 8 factors will sway you. Read through if you want to get a great product at an affordable Samsung tablet price.

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