Amazon Brand Registry Access to selling benefits

Amazon Brand Registry Access to selling benefits

The Amazon Brand Registry is a service that allows Amazon to identify brand owners. It aids Amazon brand owners in securing their intellectual property and product content. Brand owners can contact Brand Registry’s dedicated team to report intellectual property infringement, policy breaches, listing issues, and technical concerns, as well as escalate previously reported complaints. Additional marketing services, such as A+ Content and Amazon Storefronts, are also available through Brand Registry. You can Go Now to the amazon website for more information.

What is the purpose of Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Brands have sued Amazon, alleging that not enough was done to prevent counterfeit products from being sold, as well as other intellectual property (IP) infringement. Brand Registry appears to have been implemented to help stop the flow of counterfeit and IP infringement issues on the site. It also shifts some of Amazon’s enforcement responsibilities to brand owners.

Brand Registry identified brand owners and authorized resellers; Amazon can more easily enforce its Standards for Brands Selling in the Amazon Store. Amazon has announced that companies would no longer sell directly to customers on the Amazon Marketplace due to this new policy. Instead, they have no choice but to sell.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a member of the Amazon Brand Registry?

The specific qualifications vary by country; however they always require you to have:

  • An active, registered trademark shows on your product or packaging in that country.
  • The opportunity to prove that you are the rightful owner of a trademark by contacting the public contact indicated on your trademark registration.
  • An Amazon account is required (either Seller Central or Vendor Central).
  • The trademark must be a text-based mark or a text-based image-based mark. A purely graphical logo, such as the well-known Nike “Swoosh,” will not be allowed.

Can anyone else modify my product listings after I’m in Brand Registry?

Other sellers should not be allowed to make changes to product detail pages under your registered brand, but there are several exceptions:

  • Contributions to Amazon Retail listings (through Vendor Central) can affect product detail pages.
  • The Brand Registry team can change listings and even veto Amazon Retail contributions.
  • If your listing has been erroneously modified, you should file a case with Brand Registry Support (a Brand Registry login is necessary) and select Listing Issue – Incorrect information.

Whose responsibility is to track down and report every infraction?

The reports you submit are used to teach Amazon’s automated algorithms. The more information you provide about your brand to Brand Registry, the more intelligent their algorithms become. They’ll try to detect automatically:

  • Listings that aren’t your brand but use your trademark words.
  • Images of your brand’s emblem on things that aren’t yours
  • Sellers who ship from countries other than the ones where you manufacture and distribute your brand

Genuine products designed for sale in one country are imported into another country where the brand owner does not want those specific products to be marketed. These illicit imports could be identical to the local goods or slight differences in packaging or product. Gray imports, sometimes known as parallel imports, are more of a distribution issue than an issue of validity. The Brand Registry team is solely responsible for enforcing IP infringement and Amazon policy violations; they do not assist brands in controlling distribution.

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