Become An Undefeatable Player In The E-commerce Business Segment With The Flipkart Clone App

Become An Undefeatable Player In The E-commerce Business Segment With The Flipkart Clone App

Have you heard about Flipkart Clone App solutions? These are the next big game changers in the market. Clone apps are pre-built applications that are ready for immediate usage. Almost every popular app in the market has a clone version of it. It performs the same functions as the original apps and also has extra added features that enhances its functionality and user experience. These clone apps are white-labelled solutions, which can be further customized and modified according to the needs and requirements of the business, the colours, logos everything is customizable in these apps.

The E-commerce business segment is one of the fastest growing segments currently, It is also heavily competitive and has gigantic players engaged in the business. Flipkart and Amazon are major players in the market and these players comprise a majority of the portion in the e-commerce market segment. They are so dominant that they decide on the trends of the market. 

Have you ever thought about entering into this business segment? With such a game-changing technology, maybe you should. You can now seamlessly enter into the e-commerce business segment by launching your own Flipkart Clone app. We are called the Appdupe, an app development company, the best in the market and we offer a great collection of customization options and exclusive add-on features and additional plug-ins that enhance the functionality of our app we develop greatly. Reach us for Flipkart Clone app development services. Some of our flipkart clone app’s features are mentioned below, 

  • Attractive homepage
  • Advanced search options
  • Featured product / store
  • Multiple categories
  • Instant notification
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi-lingual support

And so much more, you can visit our official site to know more about the features that we offer for our Flipkart Clone. Lets see the working of our Flipkart Clone app.

How does the Flipkart Clone App work?

The working of our Flipkart clone solution is no different from other E-commerce companies, the steps are discussed below,

Step 1 – Customer logs in by entering required credentials.

Step 2 – The user browses for his needs from the listed items and adds it to the cart once he finds it.

Step 3 – Then the user will be directed to the payment options where he or she can choose the mode of payment from the listed.

Step 4 – Once the payment is successful, the product will be dispatched and delivered to the user’s location provided by the user.

Step 5 – The admin receives the payment and he takes his cut and transfers the rest to the sellers. 

Benefits of the ready-made Flipkart Clone App.

The following are the benefits of our tailor-made Flipkart Clone app,

  • 100% Customizable
  • Ready to launch
  • White-labelled Solution
  • Complete ownership 
  • Highly Scalable
  • Seamless integration
  • 24/7 technical and customer support

How much does it cost to build an app like Flipkart ?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of building an e-commerce app from scratch is a costly process, each process or stage of development requires a fixed amount of time depending on the requirements that should be incorporated with the application and the developers usually charge on a hourly basis. So a fixed numerical digit cannot be mentioned as the cost for the development process. But the alternative method, the Clone Solutions is comparatively cheaper. You can reach us to get your quote.

Ending thoughts

By now you would have a rough picture regarding the process of an app development, You can always reach us out to get benefited with our Flipkart Clone App Development services. We are just one call away, Call us immediately. We are waiting to serve you.

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