How DraftKings’s Bang On Marketing Helped Them To Stand Out In The Market

How DraftKings’s Bang On Marketing Helped Them To Stand Out In The Market

As we all know sports games continue to make their comeback in the world after the pandemic time. Sports fans are now enjoying their time. Truth be told, the sports’ return is a significant achievement for Americans, as indicated by the reports 67% of fans consider sports to be the correct method for feeling good again after the pandemic.

At the time of its comeback, the sports betting industry also rose in popularity. You may be amazed to realize that in March 2021, fans have bet $4 billion with U.S. sportsbooks, this was the absolute most at any point bet in a single month, as indicated by ESPN.

No one wants to go out from this competition nor will any leave the chance to grow, as DraftKings took itself to Twitter to launch the new products just for increasing its reach, brand awareness, and increasing conversions.

About DraftKings:

DraftKings Inc. is a digital sports gaming and entertainment company made to boost sports fans with items that reach across the everyday dream, digital media, and directed gaming.

Headquartered in Boston, and launched in 2012 by Matt Kalish, Jason Robins, and Paul Liberman, DraftKings is the main U.S.- based upward incorporated games wagering operator. DraftKings is a multi-channel supplier of sports wagering and gaming technologies, fueling sports and gaming diversion for operators in 17 nations.

DraftKings’ Sportsbook is live with mobile or potentially retail wagering activities in the United States compliant with guidelines in Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Mississippi, New Jersey, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Wyoming, and West Virginia. DraftKings’ fantasy sports item is accessible in 7 nations globally with 15 distinct games categories. 

DraftKings is the authority dream accessory of the MLB, NFL, NASCAR, UFC, and PGA TOUR just as an approved gaming operator of the NBA and MLB, an authority sports wagering partner of the NFL, an official wagering administrator of PGA TOUR, and the official wagering administrator of UFC. Starting in August 2021, DraftKings Marketplace is an advanced collectibles ecosystem made for standard openness that offers organized NFT drops and supports optional market exchanges. DraftKings likewise claims Vegas Sports Information Network, Inc. (VSiN), a multi-platform broadcast and content organization.

Strategy That DraftKings Follows:

As In July 2020 live sports started to reappear, A campaign series launched by Draftkings to drive awareness publicly around the announcement that sports are back. Their campaign “Return to Sports” series focused on connecting with people all over the world. To drive brand awareness and in-app engagement they used Twitter’s buying products and premium video solutions.

To connect with the diverse sports community that’s active on Twitter DraftKings invests in Twitter Ads. Despite a global pandemic they’ve succeeded to increase their reach and conversions by their marketing strategy to launch the new products on Twitter.

Steps Taken By DraftKings To Make Its Way To Success

Influence custom innovative

To create the campaigns, DraftKings utilized their innovative group to construct their resources coupled with Twitter’s best practices. They additionally enhanced duplicate and innovations from past learnings and changed over the long run depending on results.

Drive Major Effect At Scale In High Density

DraftKings utilized numerous Trend Takeovers and Trend Takeovers+ to take control over Twitter, possessing the discussion as the NFL, NBA, and UFC returned, pushing app engagement. They also utilized Conversation Buttons, Branded Hashtag, 

 and Video Ads, league-specific CTAs to supplement the Twitter Takeovers.

Line-up With Amplify Sponsorships To Associate With The Sports Fans

DraftKings ran fast-forward videos as a component of Amplify Sponsorships to attract sports fans when they were consuming brand-safe sports content, premium across NBA, UFC, and NFL handles. DraftKings additionally coordinated Q&As and promoted moments to proceed with a commitment to sports fans.

Incline Towards Experts To Unroll The Campaign Announcement 

DraftKings utilized faithful fan bases of players and commentators from every association to increase the campaign’s reach.

Make new leads with The Help Of Promoted Account campaign

DraftKings covers the buzzing news as live sports come back by drawing in new supporters to grow a trusted fanbase during this time.

Make Transformation With Image App Cards

DraftKings then, at that point, dropped people down the channel, utilizing an Image App Card to reconnect and catch attention, then, at that point, take them to the website to make an account or sign in.

Success Of DraftKings

DraftKings had exclusive requirements for this campaign, and Twitter delivered that. In certain occurrences, Twitter’s results outperformed DraftKings’ initial objectives, for example, the 560 initial DraftKings in-app stores post-campaign send-off in Q3 2020.6

DraftKings fitted their Tweets and informing to more readily reach and resound with fans and sports-explicit subjects, and used a Conversation Buttons, Branded Hashtag, and Video Ads association explicit CTAs to commit their main target audience.


Draftkings is not the only sports betting app in the market. It is a successful product because of the brand’s amazing USP and marketing strategies that make it stand out among its competitors. If you want to learn more about DraftKings, check out this comprehensive blog on

It is an app that is driving millions crazy in America and all over the world.

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