AI Applications In Classroom: How Is AI and Automation Revolutionizing The Education Sector?

AI Applications In Classroom: How Is AI and Automation Revolutionizing The Education Sector?

Whenever a series of problems occur, there comes a revolutionizing technology handling critical situations with creative sparks.

It aptly suits AI implementation across industries.

AI is around us since the 1950s’.

Still, the recent innovative AI initiatives have shaped many industries along with their business operations.

In fact, AI is having impacting almost all the spheres of industries worldwide.

The education sector holds no power to remain as an exception to it.

AI in the global education market will hit $21.52 Billion by 2028. (Verified Market Research)

Besides virtual reality classrooms, AI-driven task automation, automated grade system, Etc., have metamorphosed the education system.

It means the Edtech space holds enormous potential for AI applications. AI applications offer countless benefits, from tailoring the course content to automating the lecture schedule.
And all these benefits are fueling the AI growth in the Edtech market.

 The investment in AI in the global education market will grow to $20 billion by 2027. (PR Newswire)

 Additionally, the global AI implementation in education will reach $5.80 billion by 2025. (Market Research Engine)

No need to mention that people have seen enough of AI implementation in Sci-fi movies or while playing video games.

The world is embracing AI application benefits, manifesting them in mainstream sectors like education.

Here, we will highlight AI applications’ benefits in the education space.

AI Application In Education Benefits

E-commerce to healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are the two most appreciable technologies. Although the education sector is a bit slow to catch up with AI applications, it is impossible to overlook AI’s benefits for the industry:

Automating Administrative Tasks

The master use of AI lies in automating tasks.

In the education sector also, AI comes in handy similarly.

Besides teaching or lecturing, teachers and professors undertake several administrative responsibilities.

For example, teachers and professors usually spend their efforts on

o Setting question papers
o Grading tests
o Checking homework
o Assembling study materials
o Preparing progress reports
o Gaining knowledge in Edtech, Etc.

The burden of a non-teaching workload is immeasurable. Most of the time, teachers get overwhelmed with a series of neverending administrative tasks.

• AI applications can automate these administrative tasks without any question.

• Compared to the time-consuming manual efforts, AI applications will automate the tasks to manage them well.

• From assessing grades to assignments, everything will become as easy as pie.

• By implementing AI applications, these mundane tasks will never take away the precious time of teachers.

• Teachers and professors can save time and spend it teaching and mentoring students.

Smart AI Content-Oriented Lectures

In a class, every student holds a unique level of understanding.

You can never compare one student’s ability to another.

Despite being in the same class and attending the same lectures, students’ understanding of the topic varies from one another.

Some students may feel stuck at some point, while another group may feel that the topic is an easy peasy.

Hence, all the students in the class can never stand on the same page.

• AI applications bring a smart approach to students’ comprehensible nature.
• Teachers and professors can leverage AI applications to generate customized classroom content, catering to students’ individual needs.

• Digital content in the form of infographics, audio, and video, makes learning engaging and motivating.

• Consequently, personalized AI content results in better comprehension among students.

Automated Grading With AI Application

No doubt, marking exam papers and assignments are time-consuming and dreary.

AI can prove itself a great help in assisting teachers in grading exam papers and assignments.

• Indeed, AI applications can not utterly replace human grading capabilities. Still, teachers can utilize AI applications in assessing assignments, projects, and exam papers.

• Significantly, AI applications can aid teachers in question paper checking. AI-integrated systems can effortlessly spill out the proper assessment from short-type question answers to fill in the blanks and MCQs.

• Moreover, while checking essay-type answers, teachers can leverage AI applications to check the grammar, spelling, sentence construction, Etc.

• Finally, teachers can use the time saved to clear students’ doubts.

Detecting Classroom Weakness

AI applications can never replace the excellence of teachers.

In fact, AI complements the teachers’ ability to teach and mentor students.

AI can help teachers in determining the weakness within the classroom.

o Are there any specific questions that the students are avoiding?
o In which part of the topic do students feel stuck?
o Is there any deficiency in the lecture material?
o Does the study material lack any specification?
o Which students do hinder the overall class performance?

These AI-driven evaluations will give teachers a deep insight into their classroom strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers can make adjustments to their lecturing practices according to the analysis outcome.

24/7 Assistance

Do you think that it is only the teachers who can utilize the tumult of information AI presents?

AI applications are accessible to students 24/7.

• While working on an assignment, project, or homework, doubts come to a head naturally.

• Earlier, students had to wait for the next day or the next class to clear their doubts.

• With AI applications, students do not need to wait any longer.

• But now, whenever students feel stuck with a question or study material, they can resolve it with the help of AI chatbots.

• AI-enabled chatbots provide support to students 24/7.

• Students can consult their doubts with AIbots anytime from anywhere.

Final Words

To conclude, AI application holds immeasurable possibilities in the education sector.

However, AI has not explored the education sector entirely yet. In a VR for higher education, the proper implementation of AI applications will complement many things.

From teachers’ ability to teach, students’ ability to comprehend lectures, and the administrative work, all will come on the right track.

In a word, AI is the one-stop solution for all.

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