How is the Samsung washing machine different from others?

How is the Samsung washing machine different from others?

Samsung washing machines have received universal acclaim, and consumers eulogize and sing praises of Samsung’s appliances. Here’s what separates Samsung’s washers from the rest of the pack. No other brand commands as much respect and reverence as Samsung in the home appliances segment.

Samsung has been going toe-to-toe with Apple when it comes to smartphones and has been a pioneer and trendsetter when it comes to LED TVs and washing machines. That gives you a holistic perspective of the South Korean giant, and how the brand has positioned itself as the go-to brand, regardless of the device or appliance you wish to purchase.

Samsung washing machines are also some of the most sought-after washers in the market today. They are technologically superior when compared to the washing machines from other brands, while Samsung ensures that it does its part when it comes to being environmentally friendly. It isn’t a stretch to say that when it comes to consumer electronics — including washing machines, Samsung is the undisputed leader.

How to Clean Samsung Washing Machine Top Loader

So what makes the Samsung washing machine so unique? How are they unequivocally lauded, and universally praised? We decided to find the answers, and explain just why Samsung’s ranges of washers have become the first choice for Indian consumers.

Unique technology

Samsung washing machines employ the unique EcoBubble technology and use the power of bubbles to effectively remove dirt and stains from clothes. This technology ensures that the washer offers optimal wash even with cold water.

Another unique technology offered by Samsung pertains to the washing machine drum. Samsung’s top load washing machines come with the Diamond Drum design, with diamond-shaped depressions, and with holes that are 25 percent smaller. This ensures that the clothes are gently washed, thus preserving the integrity of the fabrics.

Samsung washers also come equipped with the BubbleSoak technology, which effectively removes the stains and grimes by soaking the cloth completely in bubbles. This also ensures that the clothes are not damaged, while the bubbles remove the dirt and stains with ease.

The brand’s washers also sanitize the drum to keep bacteria and germs at bay, thanks to the Eco Drum Cleaning technology. This is accomplished by using powerful jet streams and hot water, thus thoroughly cleaning the drum.

In-built heaters

Samsung washing machines come with in-built heaters, which can heat the water up to 60 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the clothes are thoroughly cleaned, with even the most stubborn stains and dirt removed with relative ease.

These are ceramic heaters, which eliminate the possibility of calcium build-up, while the washers are energy efficient.

AI washing machines with Q-Raptor technology

Late last year, Samsung unveiled its latest range of washers that come with cutting-edge AI-powered Q-Raptor technology, which offers a seamless washing experience. The brand also launched the country’s very first 7kg front-load washer-dryer model.

This AI-powered laundry assistant delivers optimal wash, while the Q-Raptor comes with three unique features: laundry planner, laundry recipe, and HomeCare Wizard.

What these features essentially do is they let consumers schedule the end times of their laundry, while offering automatic recommendations in order to achieve optimal wash cycles.

These recommendations are based on the load’s color, fabric type, and the amount of soiling that is given by the user.
The HomeCare Wizard feature lets the user know about any potential problems while offering quick troubleshooting.

Digital inverter technology

Samsung washers also come with digital inverter technology, which helps you reduce electricity costs, while the washing machine works optimally. This is done because the speed of the motor changes and adjusts depending on the load capacity so that the washing machine can effectively handle the load.

With these best-in-class features and top-of-the-line technology, Samsung washing machines stand out from the crowd. You can now purchase your favorite Samsung washing machine model while availing yourself of exciting offers and discounts by shopping on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. What’s more, you can get the washer delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours of placing the order on the EMI Store!

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