How to Choose the Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

How to Choose the Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

Are you a Vlogger? If you have answered the question is yes, then you have landed on the right post. No one can’t deny the fact that vlogging is a booming trend these days. People are no longer addicted to static images and texts of a blog. They are hastily shifting towards vlogs. After all, they want to know each and everything. Be it in terms of cooking, traveling, spirituality, or anything else. Vlogging has brought about a storm in the world of internet marketing. You might be surprised to know that the top YouTube earner in the previous year was a several-year-old kid. But, here we are not talking about making money from vlogging. Being a vlogger, you might be well aware of the importance of the action camera microphone attachment. If you don’t have one, then here you will learn how to choose the best DSLR microphone for your vlogs. So, here we go.

Why Do You Need an Action Camera Microphone Attachment?

As mentioned earlier that being a vlogger it is necessary to have an action camera microphone attachment. After all, you will gain followers only if your audience can hear you well. So, selecting the best DSLR microphone is a necessity to become a successful vlogger.

You might be knowing that most vloggers host their content on YouTube which is the second largest social network. Besides, it also ranks as the second most visited website after Google. Being a part of the Google family, the videos uploaded on YouTube has a huge number of incoming traffic from Google itself. Also, a large proportion of people spend a huge amount of their time online on YouTube than on any other networking site. The reason is the video appeals faster to us. In that scenario, an on-camera microphone attachment becomes essential vlogging equipment for a vlogger.

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Action Camera Microphone Attachment: An Essential Equipment

After the camera, a DSLR microphone or an action camera microphone attachment is the second most essential equipment for a vlogger. FYI, many popular vlogging cameras come equipped with a built-in microphone. But, being with the camera, the audio quality is generally considered a secondary criterion when it comes to the built-in microphone. In addition, with the poor quality, built-microphones are manufactured to record everything around them. So, if you use them, you will end up having a lot of noise from the surroundings in your vlogs. And, you wouldn’t want it to happen. Would you?

In proportion with the increasing periphery of the vlogosphere around the globe, home studio tech like a camera and an action camera microphone attachment has become quite affordable in a few years. No matter what your budget is, there’s a DSLR microphone that will help you become a successful vlogger.

Now, let us shed light on the type of microphones that will help you a lot in your vlogging journey.

Different Types of Action Camera Microphone Attachment

As discussed earlier, a few types of microphones are designed to record every happening around them and thus are named omnidirectional mics. On the flip side, microphone attachments that record only in one direction are called unidirectional mics. However, the most common action camera microphone attachment is a cardioid microphone. It is a unidirectional microphone and is considered perfect to record the human voice. Although it is further divided into various categories. When you search for the microphone clipart online, you will see numerous options. However, depending on the camera, types of disturbances around you, and the type of video you’re recording, you might use one of the following action camera microphone attachments:

USB Microphones

A large ratio of YouTubers and vloggers consider using USB microphones. They are perfect for recording your voice when near a computer, gaming walkthroughs, a demo of a product, tutorials, music, commentaries, live streaming, etc. Not only this, they are the ideal choice for voiceovers too.

DSLR Microphones

Next comes the DSLR microphone. They are designed as an action camera microphone attachment for DSLR cameras. FYI, some point and shoot cameras have a DSLR microphone, and some do not. A DSLR microphone is a good choice to consider if you are recording outdoors. The most common type of DSLR microphone is a shotgun mic which is everyone else’s favorite. However, it is a little bit more expensive than other options. But, it is a great choice to consider if the quality is important to you. And, you will be surprised to know that a mini microphone is also available for users. So, if you are lurking around to buy a DSLR microphone, then it’s worth spending a pretty penny on it.

Lapel Microphones

Also known as Lavalier microphones, Lapel microphones can be clipped on your clothes. They are available inexpensive as well as in a budget-friendly range. As they are omnidirectional, they are clipped close to the person’s mouth. This leads to the suppression of background noise disturbing the video later in editing. You can use thisaction camera microphone attachment for interviews and conversational vlogging. That is why they are widely used by vloggers who move around too much like yoga or online fitness trainers, dancers, influencers, and others. Some Lavalier microphones also include an adapter that lets you use them with smartphones.

Smartphone Microphones

Although it is not widely popular and also does not offer wide quality, this action camera microphone attachments still opted for by some vloggers who like to record using a smartphone. If you like to use a smartphone for vlogging, then using a smartphone microphone as an action camera microphone attachment is a must requirement because the one attached to the phone provides poor quality audio. Would you want to compromise the quality of the audio in your vlogs? Of course, not!

Now that you have become aware of the types of action camera microphone attachments that a vlogger should have, it is time to get acquainted with the best ones available. So, let’s take the plunge.

Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Shure Wireless Microphone
From SM58 to SM7B, Shure offers a huge range of action camera microphone attachments. The Shure wireless microphone offers classic and timeless sound enriched with clarity. So, whether you are recording a podcast or want to shoot a song of you singing, select any of the Shure wireless microphones. An action camera microphone attachment by Shure captures every sound from the powerful playing to deliver a nuanced performance. These microphones are considered one of the most versatile microphones. Also, the digital USB microphones by Shure help in enhancing the audio quality of a speech if you want to address a large number of people in real-time as well as via the vlog.

Get the warm and smooth audio reproduction nearby the studio and visual applications by Shure cardioid microphones. Not only this but if you want low-frequency bass punch or high-power SPL handling, opt for the Beta 57A Kick drum microphone by Shure. In addition, Shure also provides its users with Lavalier microphones specially designed for vloggers who love to record traveling vlogs. If you want clarity and crispness in the audio, then no other choice can be better than selecting the sleek, ergonomic action camera microphone attachment with a high-energy neodymium magnet.

Apart from Shure, the Neumann microphone is also popular among vloggers for its variety of offerings. Now, let’s talk about those vloggers who do not put that much emphasis on audio quality. Yes, you got it right. We are talking about ASMR creators.

Action Camera Microphone Attachment for ASMR Creators

As soon as digital platforms reach every household, people start taking more interest in ASMR videos. Know that ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is defined as the content that evokes lights and pleasurable tingles, sparkles, fuzziness, or waves of relaxation in the head, neck, spine, and throughout the body. Due to the increase in demand for ASMR videos, the number of ASMR creators has also increased.

There’s good news for the vloggers interested in recording ASMR is that it doesn’t need a specific mic. All you need is a thing that would be good for recording vocals. Any sensitive microphone that can pick up low-level sounds in detail can also work well as an ASMR microphone. Generally, a large-diaphragm condenser is a great choice for an ASMR microphone.

You may also consider yourself in the race of selecting an action camera microphone attachment for ASMR videos. If you are an ASMR creator, then you might be well aware that they are often video producers and not audio enthusiasts. Keeping this in mind, a USB microphone would be a perfect choice for the person who doesn’t like to spend quite a penny on an audio interface, XLR cable, microphone stand, pop filter, etc. For this recording style, going for the USB microphone is a great way to go.

Cost of ASMR Microphone

Anyone who has looked for an ASMR action camera microphone attachment knows that prices may range from under $100 to several thousand dollars. You don’t need a $4000 ASMR microphone because you can achieve excellent results with anything as little as $100.

If you want to record instruments and other things in the future, you don’t have to acquire a cheap ASMR mic and may instead invest in something a little better, but the choice is ultimately yours. It is entirely feasible to get a lot of use out of a low-cost microphone. Fortunately, there are a plethora of low-cost condensers that sound amazing.

With that said, you might have well aware of the best action camera microphone attachment for vloggers and ASMR creators. Now, let’s discuss the tips to fix common audio issues while recording a video.

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Tips to Fix Most Common Audio Issues

Here are a few tips that will help you a lot while recording a vlog using the action camera microphone attachment.

Tip1- Get Closer to Microphone

Investing in a unidirectionalBluetooth microphone can help you significantly reduce background noise. However, there will still be noise coming from your direction. This noise will be caught up and amplified by the microphone. That is why getting closer to the microphone is the key to optimal audio quality. This is one of the primary reasons why I prefer to use a lavaliere microphone at home. Because the mic is so near to my lips, it picks up my mouth far more loudly than any other sound.

Tip2- Reduce Echo

The major reason a homeroom sounds tinny-sounding is that there is so much space. So don’t waste your money on them; instead, simply fill your space with additional furniture, and the echo will go away since it will be lost between all the different surfaces. If you’re still experiencing an echo, make sure your draperies are substantial enough. According to some experts, the thicker and more closely woven the curtain, the better it is for soundproofing a space.

Tip3- Fix the Enemy Outside- The Wind

The most typical issue you’ll encounter when recording outside is wind. When the wind blows across your action camera microphone attachment, it becomes extremely loud, making it nearly difficult to record anything. This is rather frequent while filming trip vlogs. That is why you require a windshield. Depending on the microphone, they come in a variety of forms. You’ll need to buy one based on the sort of mic you’ll be utilizing, whether it’s a lavaliere, shotgun, or your camera’s inbuilt mic.

Tip4- Do Power Editing

If you followed the preceding procedures correctly — moving closer to the microphone, making sure your room isn’t too empty, and using a windshield outdoors — utilizing a denoiser will make your audio nearly pristinely pure. Just be careful not to overdo it. The goal is to remove as much noise as possible BEFORE recording and using a denoiser. Denoising is effective, but it is not magical. If there is too much echo and background noise, a denoiser filter will just amplify it.

Bonus! If you are a nature lover and love to record the sound of nature and birds, then a parabolic microphone will be an ideal choice for you.

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