How Virtual Bookkeeping Helped John Save Time & Feel Confident Amid Tax Season

How Virtual Bookkeeping Helped John Save Time & Feel Confident Amid Tax Season

Let’s get to read the story of John, how virtual bookkeeping helped him save hours of juggling during the taxation time and gain confidence in handling his books.

According to a recent American study, 62 percent of those who run their own businesses reported that flexibility in working hours was one of the prominent reasons for branching out set up on their own. For John, more flexibility was the exact reason why he decided to start his own IT Staffing firm in 2002. John knew that he wanted to eventually have his own business that would allow him the flexibility he needed to spend more time with his family, so he gradually started acquiring on IT Staffing projects while his kids were still young. And just like that John IT Staffing business owner was born.

By 2013, after relocation to San Diego and the completion of numerous consultant placements, and small IT Staffing projects, John had grown to the point where he needed to hire his first employees to help handle the increasing workload. Of course, it’s a great situation for any IT Staffing business owner to be in, but John was really starting to feel the increasing pains, especially in 2016, when his staff and consultants head-count doubled in size from 13 to 16.

Why John Considered Virtual Bookkeeping Services

With such a high volume of work coming in and more consultants added up to manage, John noticed that things began to slip away, especially with his expense categorization, VISA expiry during the last year’s taxation season. John approached this tax season the same way he always had by investing everything off until the year-end. But as his business grew, this unproductive approach was proving to be time-consuming and inefficient.
According to John, “In the past, I’ve tried to do my end of the year business books for myself, but I don’t have an accounting degree or bookkeeping expertise and I was really troubled a lot [to get] things all ready for my taxation.”
And try he did. But despite his best efforts, an expense calculation would still end up miscategorized or missed. The result? John spent hours together on end trying to figure out why his books weren’t adding up.
“Because I waited to the end [of the year], [bookkeeping] probably took [me] about 22 hours of time and a lot of frustration.” And that was time that could have been spent working on his IT Staffing projects. John started to wonder if there was a better way.

Virtual Bookkeeping Weighing Option

Already a long-time user of Nimble Bookkeeping, it was perfect timing when John received a notification from his accounting manager, Jennifer regarding a new Nimble Bookkeeping service partnership and he felt it was a good fit for them.

Especially as his business was growing, it was a great opportunity to free his time up and focus on the work he loves. But, as a savvy IT staffing business owner, he wanted to consider the options available.

From a perspective, John knew that Nimble Bookkeeping services would be a good fit since it is seamlessly integrated and aligns to their existing workflow.

However, he also looked into QuickBooks but after some contemplation, John felt that that would be not reliable and seemed to be more expensive and would be less flexible with his time.

John then decided to give Nimble Bookkeeping a try and once everything is in place, he started to notice time-saving, wherein he or his accountants only spent 30 to 60 minutes at the max per month on bookkeeping.

With no meetings required, John used to simply answer merely questions about basic bank statements to help virtual bookkeepers of Nimble in categorizing expenses.

Nimble’s virtual bookkeeping in place, John now is able to use the time-saved on the year-end bookkeeping and productively invest it back into his staffing projects or spend more time with his family.

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Final thoughts – Virtual Bookkeeping Jobs

If you are one of IT Staffing business owners who thrives to keep a lot of flexibility in your timing for business growth while feeling you have a strong bookkeeping support network, then Nimble Bookkeeping is a good stop-by.
Now with the support of Nimble Bookkeeping and its accounting software, John can get back to what he really loves. John’s last words: “I’ll let the professionals do our business’s bookkeeping.”
Besides just cleaning up the books, Nimble Bookkeepers gives you insightful financial advice so you can make better business decisions, without again spending much on overheads. Nimble has already proven to be the best in IT Staffing industry, along with the Hospitality and Retail Industry of Dunkin’ Donuts.
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