With the end of 21st year of 21st century, just like in any other field out there, India has grasped a colossal jump in the crypto arena to create NFT CREATORS (non fungible tokens) digital art and we at creative hatti are paving your way to a world already living in the future with digital art crypto nft as metaverse approaches its origins.

It’s no more an imagination how quickly this modern world has steeply taken its turn to the crypto market and to keep up with pace of today’s times our digital marketing experts have been observing the banks of information we have collected about this revolutionary tide to create NFT digital art. To stand out of the crowd, we offer you help with creating innovative and interesting personalized NFTs with a pinch of bizarre imagination and of the talented crypto artistry we provide.

What is digital art crypto NFT?

A Non Fungible Token is a term coined for an interchangeable data unit, a digital asset showcasing real time objects like art,music, in-game graphics and videos etc in a virtual reality. They are already available to be bought and sold online , subsequently and frequently with crypto currency as they share the same underlying coding for cryptocurrency.many big names such as Tesla, Adidas, Reebok and more companies have already sold their product’s NFTs for the building of Metaverse in form of digital art crypto nft . This way you can buy their products ,both virtually and offline as well, hence doubling the profit for a business.

Benefits of NFT

● Ownership
The foremost advantage of NFT CREATORS is, as we create digital art they are provided with evidence of ownership as they follow a block chain network, thereby implying the combination of unique records with them, hence associating ownership to a single account. At the same time, you can not duplicate a digital art crypto NFT products as one can not prove its ownership as its indivisible, hence securing your ownership and product authenticity and originality.

● New origins of Economic opportunities
Everyone loves money, and equally we love profits in money making, too. Earlier when content creators were concerned of other platforms gulping down their profits and opportunities of earning. Here Non-fungible tokens benefit the NFT creator with ownership of content integrated into the content only. So, when the creator sells his digital art crypto NFT, the funds directly go to them. The creator can also get royalties by establishing smart contacts while creating nft digital art. The creator would get royalties on each re-sale of the token as NFT metadata includes the creator’s address

Supporting Inclusive growth of one’s products reach to the global market made available virtually as NFTs bring content creators from various webs of fields onto a singular plane facilitating marketing growth for all consumers and creators of NFT.


India is filled with resources, no we are not talking about the solid resources, we quote the indian culture, traditions, fashion and most important of all, the JUGAADU dimag, the creativity, the uniqueness and yet the simplicity you will find in this country, already makes us stand out of all! Hence we create NFT digital art with India as our source of inspiration.

Bottom line

The detailed overview of what is digital art crypto NFT CREATORS, and its benefit might have provided with you with the gist of what we try to achieve here, by creating your very own, personalised unique NFTs here at creative hatti we are only helping you take your frist step to the future, we are helping you stand out when you do so, with teams of professionals at your side.

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