Play 8 ball pool and earn real money on paytm

Play 8 ball pool and earn real money on paytm

8 ball pool real money paytm – In the recent few years, game developers have tried to bring out the true potential of sports games by developing apps for mobile and PCs. In the sports gaming category, there are already a few big companies that have made their name, including EA Sports and 2K Games, who have brought us extremely successful and popular games like FIFA and NBA, respectively.

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These games have earned major popularity in the video gaming industry throughout the years and are continuing to do so. Similar to these, other gaming companies have tried to develop different sports games which can be played virtually through simulation in our mobiles and PCs. As a result, games like Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Carrom and Billiards have got their digital counterparts in the form of gaming apps. 

Play Go Pool and earn cash rewards.

As for billiards in the digital gaming world, its game developers in order to make the game more interesting and exciting, have created games like 8 ball pool, 9 ball, carrom pool, bar pool, snooker pool, etc. There are many games available in the App Store and Google Play Store which are directly and indirectly related to billiards.

Earn real money in GetMega through 8 ball pool real money paytm

But GetMega, the online multiplayer gaming platform, has taken the 8 ball pool one step ahead by introducing 8 ball pool real money paytm where players can earn money by both participating and winning in the 8 ball pool game. This online multiplayer gaming platform has brought us the opportunity to actually earn through playing 8 ball pool real money paytm. While playing in other multiplayer gaming platforms, you will have to win the game to earn real money, but in GetMega, you can also earn cash just by participating in the 8 ball pool game.

GetMega is the best platform for billiard games.

Play 8 ball pool in GetMega

When it comes to pocket billiard games 8 ball pool is the most popular and acknowledged variant of the game. The name “8 ball pool” derives from the fact that to finish the game, a player has to pocket the black coloured ball numbered 8. Each and every player will be provided with a cue stick and a white ball with which they can aim and pocket other balls with different colors and patterns. Each player will be assigned separate coloured balls with different patterns, mainly solids and stripes.  

You can also manage the speed, strength and spin of the cue stick by the touch sliders and to win the game, you need to pocket all of your assigned balls at first and then finish the game by pocketing the black ball, as mentioned earlier. Also, in GetMega, you will be matched against real players, not robots; therefore, your gaming skill matters the most.

In GetMega, you will receive real money for participating and winning the 8 ball pool. Go Pool is the name of the game in GetMega, an exciting multiplayer game with the thrill of winning 8 ball pool real money paytm. The game is available across all android devices with a user-friendly interface, fascinating controls and lifelike graphics. Why waste your time just by playing the game when you can do the same while earning money simultaneously!

Win the game by reducing your score to zero

At the start of the game, all the players will be assigned with 10 points. When your turn comes, you will need to pocket all the balls assigned to you, and the main aim of the player would be to reduce your point to zero. The first player to reach zero will win the game and will get 8 ball pool real money paytm.

How to play the pool game (for new players)

If you are new to the game, the following guide will help you out to familiarize yourself with the game:

  • First, you will be provided with a cue stick and a cue ball. You need to aim the cue stick and hit the cue ball with the stick by releasing the speed meter. The further you pull back the cue stick, the greater the strength of the release would be. By tapping the cue ball, you can spin the cue ball.
  • The aim of every player is to pocket all of the balls that will be assigned to them. With every ball, you pocket your points will be reduced until your score hits zero simultaneously you will gain one more turn.
  • After you sink all of your coloured balls, you will need to pocket the black ball to reduce your point to zero.
  • To determine the prize rest of the player’s points are pooled together.
  • Whenever a foul is committed, the players can put the cue ball in their desired locations.
  • The following are the reasons for fouls:
  1. Directly hitting an opponent’s ball
  2. Sinking the cue ball
  3. If any ball does not touch the railing of the table
  • If you sink the black ball before sinking all of your assigned balls, then it is game over for you

Why you should play the game in GetMega

There are multiple reasons you should play the Go Pool game in the online multiplayer gaming platform GetMega, but the first and foremost reason to play this competitive online game is that no other platform can offer you 8 ball pool real money paytm to play this game. Apart from the fact that you can earn cash, there are multiple other features of this gaming platform unique from the rest of the gaming apps.

The game is for everyone

It does not matter if you are someone who is playing the game just for fun or you want to earn a cash prize, this game is for every single person regardless of their age or skill.

Matchup happens between real players

The matches conducted in the gaming platform happen between real players whose identities have been verified by GetMega. No robots (or bots) get involved or participate in these matches.

There is an instant withdrawal option in GetMega

As you leave the match, whatever you earn is directly added to your 8 ball pool real money paytm wallet, and you can instantly withdraw your money to your paytm or bank account.

If you want to use your gaming skills to earn real money, then you should definitely try out the pool game GetMega. Not only will you find the game interesting but amusing at the same time

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