Read the expert’s carrom tricks and tips here for a flawless win

Read the expert’s carrom tricks and tips here for a flawless win

Are you obsessed with winning carrom games? Want to learn some carrom tricks to beat your opponents and become a pro player?

If you think you need this and your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you the most effective carrom tricks and the gaming platform where you can play carrom without any safety issues.

Carrom is one of the popular indoor games, thus it becomes a need to learn the carrom game and also to learn some carrom tricks for a flawless game. Everyone wants to win the game without any foul, but for this, you need to learn all the carrom tricks and tips. The rules of the carrom are also important as if you know the rules, then you will avoid major blunders.

Now, the game of carrom is played at an international level so you can play virtually with anyone around the world on the gaming platforms such as carrom mania, carrom king, Getmega and so on. These are the most popular gaming applications in today’s date for carrom. Here you can participate in tournaments and other contests to win huge cash prizes.

In this article below, we will tell you some of the expert’s carrom tricks that you can use and win the games like a pro.

The Best Expert’s carrom tricks and tips 

Your Attitude

When you play any game, it becomes important to change your attitude or approach. When you play the game, you must have the right mental attitude to win the game so that if you are even losing the game, you will not lose your confidence. It becomes very important when you play the games virtually as it will not be affected by your emotions. Hence, it is suggested that you must have a healthy balance between the game and your routine life.

Striking Styles

Experts say your striking style plays a very important role as the whole game depends on your striking skills. Thus, you should focus on improving your striking skills. Usually, there are six types of striking techniques, which you use to pocket the carrom men. It will include a middle finger, index finger, upright long fingerstyle, thumb style, index fingerstyle, and thumbshot. If you want to learn these individually, you can just search for the name of striking techniques.

The right speed

It is quite important to use the right amount of force and speed to pocket the carrom men. If you are not using the right amount of force and speed, then your piece will not be pocketed. So, you must put your striker in the right place. Sometimes, even the easiest shot will be missed if you do not have the right amount of speed. 

Right Direction

As we have known the importance of right speed but the right direction is also important with the right speed. Suppose you want to make the break shot, then you have to use extra force. Also, you have to put the striker in the right depression so that at the right angle you can put the piece into pockets. You also have to check the edges, baselines of edges, position of pokers, board so that there will be no complications in the game.

There are some carrom tricks to make the right direction of the striker:

  1. You can try to put your striker on the right moon side and proper the striker in the right top pocket. It will make the striker drive in the same position multiple times to make the particular Shot perfect.
  2. Try to put the striker on the right move side to the pocket on the top left or you can choose to put it into the left moon instead of the top of the right pocket.
  3. When you are hitting the carrom man in the pocket, you have to make the straight position with the pocket. If you want to do this, you can also put the striker behind the target piece. So, you just have to hit the striker from the baseline and also use the cut angle to hit the piece.
  4. If you want to make a normal straight shot, then you have to make an angle of 180 degrees, which is a straight angle with the help of the pocket, piece, and striker. You also have to consider that the closer the angle is between 180 degrees and 90 degrees, the more difficult it will be to pocket the carrom.


Now you know some of the expert’s carrom tricks. Other than that, online carrom is quite different from physical carrom when you talk about striking tricks. So, you have to prepare individually for online games as well as physical games. If you want to practice online carrom, then you should go with Getmega as it is one of the best gaming platforms for practice and playing the challenging game. Also, there are other rewards which you can avail. All the best.

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