The Most On-Demand Delivery App During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Most On-Demand Delivery App During the Coronavirus Outbreak

From Food Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery to even Wine and Alcohol Delivery, the On-Demand Delivery Service Industry saw a Surge during and after the Pandemic. Instacart Clone App offers a ton of On-Demand Delivery Services. Some of the major Services that were Highly Demanded during the Pandemic and even after that are mentioned herein. Also, some exhilarating Figures are there to help prove to Entrepreneurs that owning an Instacart App Clone will make easy and quick money. 

Key Instacart Clone Services that are taking over the world by Surprise

Grocery Delivery Services

The Pandemic kept people locked inside their homes for almost a year, but that didn’t mean people stopped shopping for Groceries. Instead, they bought Groceries Online, without even stepping outside. This trend went on and even today, people feel more comfortable ordering their Grocery Lists via App. 

According to Business of Apps, Instacart On-Demand Grocery Delivery Services achieved their 2022 Business Goals in the third week of the Lockdown itself.  

The On-Demand Grocery Delivery App is already a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry and entering into this Industry will take you all the way up – to being a Successful Business Person. 

Food Delivery Services 

You can get your favorite Food Delivery right at your Doorstep within minutes now. This saves you from all the trouble of going to Drive-Throughs, waiting in line to Place your Dunkin Donuts Order, or making Reservations at Restaurants to go out for Dinner with your Friends. Just a few taps on the On-Demand Delivery Business App, and you are all good to go. 

During the Pandemic. people enjoyed their favorite delicacies by placing an Order on the App, choosing Contactless Delivery, and paying for it via Bank Cards or In-App Wallets. This kept them from contracting the Serious Virus. 

A Report by Square’s Future of Restaurants, says that when the World fully re-opens after the Pandemic, Restaurants expect that a huge chunk of their Revenue, about 62% will be generated via Online Delivery. 

So, what are your thoughts about the Instacart Clone App that does the job hassle-free and earns you stacks of Cash right from Day 1 of the App Launch? 

Medical Cannabis Delivery 

People were more home-bound than ever during the Global Lockdown. This is attributed to increased sales and demand for Medicinal Cannabis during 2020. Older people struggling with Alzheimer’s, Cancer, or even AIDS Patients who were prescribed Cannabis were reluctant to go out and shop, therefore, they made the best use of their Smartphones and ordered them from Marijuana Dispensaries using Instacart Clone. 

Future Market Insight’s 2020 study revealed that the Prescribed Pharmacy On-Demand Delivery Service is to expand at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 18.4% between 2020-2030. 

Since App Users are in love with the idea of getting their desired products safely, quickly, and without any fuss, Entrepreneurs are luckier than ever to own an On-Delivery App. 

Delivery of Flowers, Wine and Alcohol, Ice Creams, Bottled Water, and Stationery are some of the other categories of Services that you can offer through the App. 

What else made Instacart Clone App the most demanding App during the Lockdown? 

The most constructive Corona-Specific features! 

Instacart Clone App Covid-19 Features

Contactless Delivery – The Most Adorned Feature 

Billions of people and the World Health Organization demanded Safety from this lethal air-borne Virus. This is why Instacart Clone introduced the ‘Contactless Delivery’ feature to curb the hand-to-hand transmission of the Virus. 

The Delivery Driver places the Package at the Doorstep of the Customer, clicks a picture of the Dropped Delivery and Uploads it on the App, and then notifies them that the Order has been delivered. The customers can come to know about their Delivery via the In-App Push Notifications, the feature of In-App Chat with the Delivery Driver, or via Call-Masking.  

Take Away – For those who don’t want their Packages Delivered

This feature came in handy for Customers who say that a takeaway is a better option for them rather than getting it delivered. If the Customer selects ‘Take Away,’ the Store will keep their Package ready for pick-up. And depending on the scheduled time that the Customers chose, they can come to the Store and take away the Package themselves.  

Safety Badges – to tell that Stores follow Covid-19 Safety Standards 

Using this feature, the Instacart Clone App Owners offered Safety Badges to the Stores.  These Badges communicated that the Store follows all the Standard Covid-19 Safety Procedures issued by the World Health Organization. Thus, seeing these, the Customers would come to know that their Package Delivery is in safe hands! 


The Pandemic gave birth to various On-Demand Delivery Apps, but none like Instacart App Clone. So, do you wish to be that Billionaire Entrepreneur that offers Safest Delivery Services? Well, then it is time you get in touch with a White Labeling Firm that offers FREE APP DEMO trials for as long as you want it. It is Well-Established with an Industry Experience of at least 7 to 8 years and has Multiple Video Testimonials from its Clients.  

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