Top 20 Indian Mascot logos to Give Authenticity to your Brand

Top 20 Indian Mascot logos to Give Authenticity to your Brand

Top 20 Indian Mascot logos are becoming popular day by day and one of the important reasons is they give your business the voice and relatability it needs. A mascot character is something that describes your business and they make it easier to stand out in competition and be remembered by the audience. 

When choosing a logo it is very important that it reflects the message of your brand and is easy for your audience to understand. A mascot logo helps people understand what you stand for and what you are selling. It also becomes easy to remember because of the image along with the name of your brand.

Let’s take a look at the top 20 Indian Mascot Logos that’ll fit right in to your brand image.

  1. Indian Chai Wala vector mascot logo template

Starting with the favorite beverage of many in India, “Chai”. If you’re a cold drink business, an expert in things related to tea, or a blogger you can make use of mascot logos like this to give your brand a unique touch. 

  1. Indian Coco drinks seller vector mascot logo template

Refreshment is served here, you can be a drinks business or a storyteller who lightens up the mood by the services they offer.

  1. Aslam Chicken Vector Mascot Logo Template

Give your food business a worthy garnishing with a logo that suits its taste.

  1. Pizzeria Vector Mascot Logo Template

A mascot logo for the lovers of pizza. Create your own persona for your business with this happy mascot character.

  1. Food Delivery Vector Mascot Logo Template

Your order has arrived and it has brought happiness. The mascot logo that’ll help your delivery business stand out and be easily recognizable.

  1. Sui Dhaga vector mascot logo template

Satisfying your designer needs with creativity and an ideal mascot logo for your brand.

  1. Charkhaa Indian Vector Mascot Logo Template

Authentic logos for authentic brands. Give your handloom business a perfect outlook with specifically curated mascot logos. 

  1. Indian cobbler vector mascot logo template

Every business needs a source for recognition, and logos make the job easier. Give your small business a proper perspective with character mascot logos.

  1. Indian Sundar jewel vector mascot logo template

Give your jewelry business a shiny finish with the right logo and a distinguished mascot character.

  1. Indian vector mascot logo template

Share the love and affection from your business to the audience with a relatable mascot logo.

  1. Barber Shop Vector Mascot Logo Template

A handsome logo for a handsome business. Create a persona for your brand with a matching mascot character. 

  1. Shiksha Indian Vector Mascot Logo Template

Highlight your teaching business and your valuable learning courses with a dedicated logo to tell the story of your brand.

  1. Vadakkam South Indian Meals Vector Mascot Logo Template

Looking for a region and industry-specific logo, we’ve got you covered. Find your right mascot logo and keep your audience engaged. 

  1. Bake It Bakery Vector Mascot Logo Template

Decorate your brand like you do your cake. A perfect logo for an authentic baker to blend right in with your brand message like a cherry on the top.

  1. Mithai Wala Indian Vector Mascot Logo Template

If you’re selling sweets or making them your logo is the way to get your customer’s attention and do well with your business.

  1.  Mr. Chef Food Vector Mascot Logo Template

Describe your personal brand with just the right vector mascot and cook up some delicious stories to keep your audience content.

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  1. Busy Yoga Vector Mascot Logo Template

For the enthusiasts of Yoga, here’s a perfect logo for your business. Inspire and encourage fitness.

  1. Professional Job Genie Vector Mascot Logo Template

Looking for a logo for your job listing website or a counseling brand Job Genie can grant your wish.

  1. Mr.Fix Repair Service Vector Mascot Logo Design Template

Set things right with just the right logo, have your audience understand you better, and know who you’ll be available to help them.

  1. Hisab Kitab Indian Vector Mascot Logo Template

Do you handle finances or teach people about them or are you a merchant? Well then, you have for yourself a dearly specific mascot logo for your business right here!!

Now you’ve seen the top Indian mascot logos but the list does not end here. There are a lot of Vector Mascot Logos that you can choose from specifically for your business and brand giving it an authentic outlook.

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