UberEats Clone: How It Works And Things To Consider Before Creating An App

UberEats Clone: How It Works And Things To Consider Before Creating An App

Online food delivery is a billion-dollar business across the globe and food ordering apps are the most used one by everyone in the rural population. In the US, there are many food delivery apps such as doordash, seamless, UberEats Clone, etc. apparently such apps seem to outgrow their expected popularity and profits in the past few years.

According to statistics, by 2024 the food delivery app revenue is showing a steady growth of 5.56% annually and by 2024 it is expected to increase its market value by 7695 million US dollars. 

Appdupe is offering the best products and services in developing these food delivery apps. They make sure that the developed apps are provided with updates and the latest specifications so that they are up to date with the latest technology and they are still in the race with other leading food delivery apps. Appdupe offers services like cloning the food delivery apps like UberEats Clone, Zomato, etc. with a lot of advantages of these food delivery apps.

What makes food delivery apps the most on-demand?

The fact that going into this app will bring us home our favourite food in our own desired time is the attractive part about this app. Nowadays many people are far from their hometown for work and studies and they do not have the time or space to enjoy home-cooked food. And waiting in line to get a table or getting their ordered food after a long tiresome day is something everyone will detest. This app demolishes the need to stand in a queue or find a table to dine at. This helped to gain popularity among users across the nation.

The restaurant owners have also gained more customers by serving them online. Small restaurant owners and entrepreneurs are getting their recognition through these by coming on the ‘suggested restaurant’ list in the nearby area to their customers.

There is a huge increase in employment opportunities when the online food delivery industry started to bloom. There were job roles for food delivering personnel, there were jobs for maintaining the app at the backend developing new updates and features. 

These are some of the reasons for the online food delivery industry to have gained such welcome by all. Even during pandemic times when the whole restaurant was shut, the online food delivery system was still operating and serving millions of customers across the globe. This shows the importance of this app and it can be assured that it is a business that cannot be downgraded at any cost.

How does the online food delivery system work?

Each online food delivery system comprises three apps like UberEats Clone, one for the users, one for the business owner, and one for the delivery person. Now let us look at how the food delivery app like UberEats works:


Signing up

The user first needs to install the app and then sign up to avail of this service. Signing up is free and it can be done by entering one’s email id and name and other details or they can use their Gmail or Facebook account to sign in.

Order food

Once the user has signed in he/she can use all the features available in the app and order food. Customers can select the type of cuisine they prefer, restaurants, vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes from the variety of options available.


Once the customer has selected the restaurant to take the food from and choose the food to eat then they are directed to the payment process available within the app. Customers can choose their convenient form of payment like debit/credit cards/ internet banking, e-wallet, and cash on delivery options are available. A number of gateways are available for easy operation.

Restaurant owner

Take customers order

Once the customer has placed the order, the restaurant owner accepts the order request from the customer. Then the owner passes the order to the kitchen to prepare the food.

Assign a delivery person

The owner then assigns a nearby food delivery personnel to collect the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the particular customer.

Delivery person

Accepting to deliver

When the restaurant owner assigns a task to deliver the food to the address, the delivery person can accept or deny the request. Once the request is accepted the delivery person goes to the restaurant to collect the food to be delivered.

Delivering to customer

After collecting food from the restaurant the delivery person uses the routing map to drive to the customer location and deliver the food. For this service, the person is rewarded with ratings and reviews by the customer.

Things to consider before creating an app

While building an UberEats clone app, one fact to consider before creating one is that there involves a set of 3 apps for the system to work. It will be efficient if an all-in-one app is created.

For users, apps make sure the registration process is user-friendly. Also, the search and filter option must be very effective to help with the customer choosing according to their preference.

For delivery partners apps, there must be an option to toggle between online and offline options. They must be able to accept the food or reject it by providing valid reasons. They must also be able to see their daily and monthly earning, performance chart, etc. to validate their performance. They must also keep updating their status like food picked up, out for delivery, and delivered for easy tracking.

The restaurant app must also be user-friendly for registration. The restaurant features must be enhanced in their profile in the app to attract more customers. Also when a customer makes a payment in the app it should be transferred to the restaurant immediately.

Final thoughts

Huge demand in the market leads to increasing in pollution and heavy traffic. This issue cannot be left unnoticed as it is our responsibility to render a peaceful environment. Constant research is going on to replace the delivery vehicles with electric-based cars/bikes, drones, and robots. In the coming years, it is certain to see the approach taking a change.

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