Wavlink AV500 Setup Powerline

Wavlink AV500 Setup Powerline

Wavlink AV500 Powerline Setup

This is an extra-fast Wi-Fi extender with a lightweight design that follows the 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi standard, which offers up to 750 Mbps. This addresses the common issue of unreliable, sluggish Internet speed and dead zones. Three modes, including Repeater, Link Point, and Router, are available. You are able to switch to any mode Wavlink AV500 extender setup accordingly. It is reasonably quick to install the Wavlink docking station and takes barely around 10-15 minutes. After a strong link, you’ll enjoy the blazing internet. Perfect for smooth streaming, without latency, game experience, etc. Here are the setup methods and moves of the Wavlink Docking Sation.

Wavlink AV500 Via WPS Setup

The steps for the Wavlink AV500 extender setup via WPS setup are given here. You need to follow these steps, one by one, in the case of your Wavlink setup using WPS.

  • Connect your Wavlink AV500 extender to the power supply to avoid interruptions and keep it near your router.
  • Starting up takes approximately 45 seconds and an LED indicator begins blinking.
  • Now press the WPS button on the router and unlock it after the light blink of the router shows it’s ready to connect.
  • Before there is a flickering light signaling that it is connected to the router, push the WPS button.
  • You’ll know that when the blinking light turns solid, the Wavlink AV500 extender setup is now connected to the router.
  • This extender can now be mounted anywhere you want to boost your wireless signals Technology.

Setup of Wavlink Extender via Web Browser

In order to set up the Wavlink Docking Sation, you will now be using Web Explorer. These steps help you complete the process of setup.

  • Plugin the power supply with the setup and router of your Wavlink extender and make sure they are closely positioned.
  • Wait for about 45 seconds after mounting the device to the socket for the LED light to blink.
  • Go to the list of your phone/Wi-Fi PC and connect to the default network of Wavlink, i.e. the 2.4ghz Wavlink Extender.
  • On the same device to which you are connected, open a new web browser.
  • The wavlink docking station Config UI will open. As the default password, please enter ‘admin’ and select your language. Click Login.
  • On the next tab, you’ll be asked to pick your country, time zone, and a new password. Next time you log in, this new password will be used.
  • Open Wavlink Web UI, choose Wizard -> choose Repeater mode, locate and pick a Wi-Fi host network, enter a password, and then click ‘Connect’
  • Now, wait for the progress bar to be complete and wait for more for around 40-60 seconds.
  • When the flickering LED light turns back to solid, it demonstrates a successful setup.

Setup the Wavlink Wavlink AV500 extender as the control point

The setup process for the Wavlink docking station Powerline as an ap. setup is available here. One by one, the process is exchanged, and this knowledge will be sufficient for your assistance.

  • For your AV500 repeater, plug in the electrical power supply.
  • Toggle the Access Point switch and connect the Ethernet cable of the router to the LAN socket of the extender.
  • Now, on your device, open the Wi-Fi list and connect the default Wi-Fi network to the Extender.
  • On the attached screen, open any tab and pick ap.setup in the address bar, and then press Enter.
  • Ask for a password and username that unlocks a tab on the site. Type ‘admin’ as the choice in both places and click ‘Login’.
  • To open the next Wavlink Extender setup tab, press Wizard – Pick Access Point.
  • Create a new SSID, password, and security.
  • Now, wait until there is a complete progress bar and wait another 60 seconds for more.
  • After re-setup and rebooting, the Wavlink AV500 repeater can now act as an Access Point.

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