What is realtek audio driver manager and how to download this?

What is realtek audio driver manager and how to download this?

Realtek audio driver manager is a freeware developed by realtek. After you install this tool, it will automatically choose the right audio preset to match your system requirement and tell you what’s wrong with your current audio configuration. When you have no idea about how to configure your sound card, or don’t want to go through all those complicated setting to adjust your audio, realtek audio driver manager is definitely the right choice for you.

What’s new in this version?

This latest version of realtek audio driver manager 4.0 can support windows 10 system and also lower down its memory usage greatly, which was a problem with the older versions. At last it supports both 32-bit and 64-bit system.

1. Click “Scan” button to check your computer information, such as operating system version, realtek audio driver version and device name etc.

2. Click the arrow button next to “Your PC” to choose where you want to install this software in your computer.(If you are using usb dac, please make sure there are no drivers are installed in your computer. This will cause an “Error occurred during installation” .)

3. Click “Update Now” to download the latest audio drivers for your sound card.

4. Click “Backup Now” to backup your current driver before installing the downloaded drivers.

5. Click “Proceed” to start installing your downloaded drivers in your computer.

How to uninstall it?

If you don’t like this software or just want to go back to your original soundcard driver, uninstalling realtek audio driver manager is the best way for you. Open control panel and click “uninstall a program” . Find out the icon of realtek audio driver manager, then click “uninstall/change” to uninstall this software.

How to download other version?

If you can’t found the driver you want in “download audio drivers for your soundcard” , just go to the [Download Other Version] section and choose [Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers] . Then find it from the list and click [Download] .


Q1. What is the difference between this software and realtek hd audio driver?

Ans – This software can update all realtek drivers, for example ac97 driver, azalia driver and high definition audio driver etc.. While realtek hd audio driver can only update realtek high definition audio driver.

Q2. Why should I download other version?

Ans – The other versions are for previous windows including xp, vista and 7 etc.. If you have a windows 10 computer, it is better to download the windows 10 version because this software will not work on windows 10 system at all . If you have a windows 8 or 8.1 computer, you can download any version because it will work on both window 8 and 10 system.

Q3. What is the difference between “download audio drivers for your soundcard” and “Download Other Version”?

Ans – The former one is for downloading drivers compatible with current operating system(windows 7/8/10) and the latter one is for downloading drivers compatible with older operating system(windows xp/vista/7 etc.).

Q4. Why does your software not work on my computer?

Ans – It may be because your realtek audio driver is very new, so this version of realtek audio driver manager can’t support it or you are using a very old version of realtek audio driver. Please go back to your realtek website and download the latest one or you can just update it manually via device manager.

Q5. Why does this software require administrator privilege?

Ans – This is because windows only allows users to install drivers in their own directory, so administrator privilege is necessary if you want to install drivers in system directory.

Q6. Why does my realtek audio driver fail to install after I have installed it successfully?

Ans – There are several reasons for this problem: a) Your windows 10 system may not support it because the version of your downloaded audio driver is lower than that of your realtek audio chip, b) You are not allowed to install unsigned drivers, c) If you have installed all realtek audio drivers successfully but still can’t find your device in playback devices or recording devices. You should go back to device manager and update the driver for this sound card manually via the method below: Right click on “My computer” > Manage > Device manager Find your sound card and right click on it > Update driver software Choose “browse my computer for driver software” in the window that pops up and then click next. When you can’t find the proper driver, just choose “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” , then select your realteck audio drivers and click next. When you can’t find the proper driver, just choose “have disk” and select your realteck audio drivers’ inf file.

Q7. Why does my sound card stop working after I have downloaded this program? Ans – This may be because you are using an unlicensed version of windows 10 or because you don’t update your realtek audio drivers regularly.

Q8. Why do I have to download another version?

Ans – You have downloaded the windows 10 version but your realtek audio chip is for windows xp or vista or 7 etc.. Then you should download other versions (or previous versions) one by one until you find the compatible driver for it.

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