Why You Need A Whastapp Screen Recorder

Why You Need A Whastapp Screen Recorder

Last week I heard employees talking about someone who got caught conspiring a crime in the regional branch of the organization. In the coming days, there were more and more gossips and stories that were floating everywhere. They got caught by one blunder mistake otherwise it was impossible to track. I mean following the usual security and safety measure any organization takes for the safety of the confidential information and employees this one was surprising we all were shocked about Whastapp Screen Recorder.

It was later revealed that the department head was using employee monitoring software on an experimental level and was monitoring all the company-owned devices. The culprit got caught discussing his plan in the WhatsApp chat with his partner and that’s how he was taken under custody was fired right away with a warning. There has been no official news regarding this on the weekly magazine but we all know unofficially the news has been broken to warn all the other employees that you have been watched. This all made me think that why does someone need an employee monitoring app or WhatsApp screen recorder. I searched for the relevant features and uses of a spy app and here is what I found out.

Catch Any Suspicious Audio Or Video Call:

Whatsapp offers free audio and video call services to its user as far as you have access to the internet facility. With the spy app, employers can catch a glimpse of all the call records of the target employee that include the audio and video both. Know about any suspicious entry or deletion from the logbook and keep an eye on the call record of the employees.

Track The Secret Code Messaging Between the Employees:

With all the text message services and attractive features instant messenger chat app offers to their user, People are switched to use of IM’chat messenger from cellular text messages. But thanks to social media monitoring features like the WhatsApp screen recorder offered by the spy app one can keep a check on the message conversation of the target person. Know about the background context, chat conversation, and random discussion of the target employees by using this feature. You can even crack any coded message if you have access to all the chat details to know about any suspicious or weird activity. Thus social media screen recording features can be useful in so many ways in the employee monitoring sector.

Eyes On The Media Sharing Feature:

A most attractive feature that makes the instant messenger chat app loved by the common man is its ability to share media. Any kind of media whether audio recording, a music file, any document, a picture, or even a video can be shared through Whastapp Screen Recorder and any other instant messenger chat apps. This feature is useful on one hand but extremely dangerous on the other hand as well as we can randomly take photos or record audio of any official document or meeting/conversation respectively and can share it with others or any irrelevant people. Use the feature to monitor every media file shared by the employees.

All the recordings of the Whastapp Screen Recorder activities are saved in the form of short videos on the web portal of the spy app. Users have remote access to the web portal at any given time. Thus monitor the employee’s chat message through the official gadgets and know about any secret conspiracies before time. In case to catch anything weird in any of the employee’s chat records you can even download the video from the web portal to your devices as well.

OgyMogy spy app offers other useful social media monitoring features along with a Whatsapp screen recorder. Thus if you are sick of the excessive facebook usage of the employees during working hours or want to monitor the Snapchat activities, Want to warn them about their Instagram stories and updates or need to monitor the instant messenger chats app like Viber, Line, telegram or Imo or Kik then your search for an extraordinary spy app is over. The OgyMogy offers services like FaceBook spy app, Snapchat spy app, Instagram spy app, Line spy app, Viber spy app, Telegram spy app, Imo spy app, Kik spy app, and many more.

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