Wider Scope of distance education in various fields

Wider Scope of distance education in various fields

The LPU Distance Education suits the diverse educational requirements and needs of students. Even professionals, entrepreneurs, and house-wives anyone can do this distance course while staying at home. The program is for those who are undergraduate but want to start their educational career with their other activities. This is beneficial to any individual who wants to pursue higher education while continuing the work.

The B.A. program is an open and distance learning program to engage people to develop a dynamic personality. This program facilitates students to engage in multiple activities. Those who can’t afford to attend regular classes, but want to opt to pursue their higher studies but due to lack of time can’t do so, this program is very beneficial. Moreover,  this program opens several ways to work and also increases their job opportunities.

The objective of the LPU distance education B.A  program is to strengthen the skills and enhance the creative thinking of the learners. It offers a broad range of social, political, historical, and professional courses of study to work in the desired field. This 3-year program provides students with a broad, ethnic, flexible & operational education that allows them to develop, understand, and disseminate knowledge.it also motivates the students to think critically and to build on these abilities. There is a huge scope for BA graduates in many fields. They can easily find employment and work in one of the following sectors:

Common Jobs after BA are:

  • Content Writer
  • Book Author
  • Journalist
  • Social Activist
  • Psychologist
  • Foreign Language Expert
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Associate
  • Historian
  • Archaeologist

Apart from government jobs, many private companies prefer BA graduates because they possess essential skills that help them to perform efficiently in a workplace. 

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Higher Education

There is a huge scope for higher education after doing a B. A course you can choose any of the fields mentioned below for higher education.

Some of them are: 

  • MBA in any specialization
  • MA in any specialization
  • B.Ed to enter the teaching field

This program focuses on wide Liberal Arts with functions and exposure. This also facilitates an option to choose three social sciences areas and attain educational skills. This distance enhancement course makes them efficient along with compulsory basic and advanced English Communication, projects, and EVS courses.

Some of the important designations for Graduates are

Main Sectors

  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
  • Civil Services
  • Media Houses
  • Insurance
  • Armed Forces
  • Teacher
  • Banking

The LPU distance education BA program offers widely pursued BA specializations in various fields such as BA English, BA Psychology, BA Economics, BA History, BA Sociology, BA Political Science, BA Journalism, BA Philosophy, etc. These help a great exposure to topics across a range of subject boundaries and helps to pursue and gain valuable knowledge in different subjects. The LPU distance program appreciates social values, ethics, and maintains interpersonal skills for different fields in respect of academic and non-academic.

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