Zonbase Review: Is Zonbase The Best Amazon software for sellers?

Zonbase Review: Is Zonbase The Best Amazon software for sellers?

As the growth of e-commerce continues to soar even in the midst of the pandemic, more entrepreneurs are looking into online selling. However, venturing into this space is not as easy as it seems. Many first-time sellers think that selling online is easy. But in competitive marketplaces such as Amazon, you sometimes need something “extra” to push you ahead. In this Zonbase review, we’ll discuss one of the most popular software suites for Amazon sellers today.

Voted as the number one most accurate and best-value Amazon software suite for sellers, Zonbase is a tool for third-party vendors. When it comes to building an Amazon store, there are many things to put into consideration before launching. Preliminary product research, choosing the right keywords, competitor analysis, and listing optimization are just some of them. Without a tool, sellers will have a difficult time doing all of these tasks efficiently. Zonbase helps make the transition to selling online better by providing the best facilities in order to accomplish these tasks.

In this Zonbase review, we’ll discuss why Amazon sellers love Zonbase. We’ll also discuss in this Zonbase review the different functions provided by the software and why it is a great tool for third-party sellers.

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But First… What is Zonbase?

Before we dig deep inside this Zonbase Review, the first question to ask is this: What is Zonbase anyway? An all-in-one cloud-based solution to the most common Amazon seller dilemmas, Zonbase is a powerful software suite that contains different tools and services. All of the tools and “done for you” services offered by Zonbase aim to help and empower both newbie and experienced Amazon sellers.

Unlike other Amazon software solutions in the market, Zonbase is the only one that offers a personalized teaching and mentorship program. If you don’t have a clue yet on where and how to start your store, Zonbase experts can give you a hand. And, unlike many other tools and software suites out there, Zonbase is also very affordable. This is the reason why newbie sellers really need to pay attention to this Zonbase review. With this tool, even a new seller on Amazon can gain ground against their competition.

What Are The Tools Offered By Zonbase?

The Zonbase software suite has several tools designed by Kevin David and his team of Amazon experts. Each tool provides a certain function that specifically targets tasks like product research, sales optimization, and listing optimization.

In this Zonbase review, we’ll discuss these functions below:


Zonresearch is a tool that gives complete access to the catalog of Amazon (which contains roughly over 400 million products). With Zonresearch, sellers can now pinpoint and identify which products can be profitable. By digging deep inside AMZ’s database, ZonResearch can find high-demand, low-competition products quickly. All of this with just a click of a button!

Zonbase Chrome Extension Tool

If you want to quickly view essential data such as price, BSR (best seller rank), sales history, monthly historical sales, and more, this is the tool for you. The Chome Extension tool allows you to view information about a product in just one glance, and all of it is shown on one page. All you need to do is install the extension and turn it on whenever you search a product on Amazon. It will then display all the essential product information about products on the search results page. WIth this data, you can make an educated decision on a potential product.

Hot Products

Finding product opportunities with promising potential is one of the most important skills you need to learn as a seller. If you can find potential products before they get popular, you can make a lot of money from them. The Hot Products tool can help discover these profitable products from Amazon’s Top 100 Gifted Products. By focusing on increasing sales trends of products with less than 30 reviews, you’ll have less competition from a high-demand product.

Sales Estimator

An important stat that you need to know before choosing a product to sell is its estimated sales. If you don’t study a product’s potential, you won’t be able to accurately guess if it would be profitable or not. Zonbase’s Sales Estimator takes away the guesswork. By using the tool to get the ASINs of products you have in mind that are related to what you want to sell, you can compare the monthly sales volume of these products and make a better decision.

Keyword Tool

It is important to discover the top keywords that are related to the products you want to sell. Knowing these keywords can help you optimize better when it comes to PPC marketing and listing optimization. The best keywords to use should have ample enough traffic, but less competition than usual. Zonbase’s Keyword Tool allows you to discover these crucial keywords that you need to increase your organic ranking on Amazon.

Reverse ASIN

The Reverse ASIN tool allows you to discover the keywords a high-ranking item on Amazon is using for their listings. You can then reverse-search these keywords and use it on your own listings for your PPC (pay-per-click) and organic ranking optimization campaigns.

Zonbase Review: Conclusion

These are just some of the popular tools that you can use when you subscribe to Zonbase. Aside from these, you can also try the “done for you services” where Zonbase experts can help you with creating your own listing, improving your images, and other tasks. These services are perfect for newbie sellers who have no idea how to begin. It is also a great service for experienced sellers who have no time to handle these tasks because they are too busy.

Hopefully, this Zonbase review was able to enlighten you about the different things the software suite offers to the table. If you want to know more about ZB and how it can help your business succeed, start with a free trial of Zonbase today.

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